External Partners

Accessing the Pines Magnetic Resonance Center - Core Facility

The PMRC Core Facility is open for collaborations with our external partners from non-affiliated academic institutions and industry. UC Berkeley campus has a program, Berkeley Research Infrastructure Commons, to facilitate and streamline the transactions between core facilities and external partners. You can find detailed information here. There are two modes of access available:

  • In-person and direct access to PMRC Core spectrometers via an Access Agreement,
  • Submitting samples for analysis via a Routine Services Agreement


Fees associated with the services agreement are pay-as-you-go for instrument and staff times that will be needed to fulfill the requested NMR services. In-person access has a $5,000 annual fee associated with the program, and it is required for new users to get trained by the PMRC Core staff before access is granted to our spectrometers. Fees associated with both programs are published by the College of Chemistry here.


RIC is accessible to external partners after executing a business friendly contract template. The templates for routine services and access agreements can be found here here and here, respectively. It is expected by the Business Conracts and Brand Protection at UC Berkeley that the terms in the main body and exhibit 1 of the contracts to be non-negotiable in order to participate in the RIC program. Please contact nmr_lab@lists.berkeley.edu in order to initiate the contracting process.