The AV-500 is equipped with a Bruker Avance I console that is geared for both solution- and solid-state NMR applications, and is designated for experiments that require long durations, e.g. variable temperature NMR, kinetics, and solids analysis.

The AV-500 has two liquids probes available: a 5 mm BBO smart probe covering 15N to 31P, and a triple channel inverse 1H/31P/BB Smart probe. With most liquids probes, routine variable temperature operation over the range of +/-100 °C is available. It is possible to operate over an extended range up to 150 °C by request. The AV-500 normally operates with the BBO probe installed.

The AV-500 is also equipped with a 4 mm 1H/BB CP-MAS probe that is used routinely for solid-state NMR. The CP-MAS probe can safely spin up to 12 kHz.