Spectrometers & Capabilities


Seven spectrometers with field strengths rangingfrom 400 MHz to 700 MHz are available for hands-on use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The different configurations provide a wide range of capabilities to meet the needs of our diverse user base ranging from routine analysis to advanced applications. Detailed information for each spectrometer can be found in their respective links on the left.


The PMRC Core spectrometers are equipped with the following capabilities:

  • Solution-state NMR
    • With high sensitivity using cryoprobes for both 1H and X-nuclei between 15N - 31P, and 19F
    • At variable temperatures between -100 oC and 150 oC.
    • With automation for large screenings
    • For organic and inorganic small molecules, metal-organic complexes, polymers, etc.
  • Solid-state NMR
    • For 1H and various X-nuclei
    • With fast magic angle spinning up to 67 kHz
    • For air and water sensitive samples
    • At variable temperatures between -40 oC and 135 oC.
    • For soft and composite materials, organic frameworks, polymers, battery materials, nanoparticles, biomaterials, etc.
  • Diffusion NMR with strong gradients (17 T/m) with detection limits for 1H as low as 10-14 m2/s.
  • Micro-imaging with in plane resolution down to 40 um.

Instrument Reservation

All instrument reservation is done through FOM Reservation.

Please follow these instructions to create your account for the Reservation System: Instruction for FOM

Time Allocation Rules 

Each NMR spectrometer has dedicated time allocation rules (e.g. reservation time, walk-on time, etc.). These have to be followed by users whenever possible.

Problem Report

Any problems that arise during instrument usage should be submitted via Problem Report Submission

Data Processing

Additional resources can be found for data processing, including a campus license for MestreLab's MNova, can be found here.