All users, including post-doctoral and visiting scholars, need to participate in the training and checkout sessions to gain and maintain access to resources provided by the facility. Facility staff provides training sessions for new as well as experienced users. We have a tiered structure for different levels of training to meet the needs of our user group:

Level 0: For new users and account reactivations. It will grant access to a fully automated instrument (JEOL-400, NEO-500)

Level 1: Low-field Access (AVQ-400)

Level 2: Advanced Accesss to high field instruments (AV-500, NEO-501, AV-600, AV-700) & Variable Temperature NMR training

For further questions about NMR access and training, you can contact or consult with the following document:

NMR access and training

Reference documents for each training session is posted on the "Training Documents" section.